Bike Parts

Knowing your Mountain Bike Parts

Mountain Bike Parts

Knowing your bike parts will ensure you get the best deal, with different brands, weights and sizes to choose from picking your bike can be a hard decision. When purchasing a mountain bike, it is important you know the basic bike parts. One of the first things you need to think about when buying you bike is to identify the usage of your bike are your Freeriding, downhill cycling or are you looking for a full suspension mountain bike.

The Frame

The frame of the bike is the foundation/core. Many people will just see a frame for its colour, however, the frame is responsible for holding all the bike parts together. With bike part accessories being attached you are going to need a sturdy frame. It is very important that you chose the right frame height of your bike. Matching your height to your bike can improve the comfort of your ride. Each different Bike brands will use a different material for the frame of the bike this will depend on the price and weight.

The Suspension

While minimizing the shock or jolt every time your bike is used to its limits, mountain bike suspension is very important. Most mountain Bike Suppliers will use a front suspension or a dual suspension. The front suspension works by having a shock absorber attached to the front wheel. The dual suspension has both a rear and front section this is very useful for technical terrains.

The Handle Bars

Each different bike part will have its own use the mountain bike handlebars are at the front of the bike and allow you to steer or manoeuvre. Different bike brands will have different shapes and styles to meet the users specific. The handlebars will contain the following bike products attached to them derailleur shifters, headlight and brake levers. Handlebars are made wider than the rider’s shoulders, the wider the handlebars the more control the rider will have over the bike.